database of cancer-associated cachexia
dbCAC, a manually curated database, features in comprehensive annotations of genes and drugs related with cancer-associated cachexia (CAC) in human cancers. Currently, dbCAC covers 253 CAC genes (205 protein-encoding genes and 48 protein non-coding genes) and 248 drugs of CAC in mammals by manual review of 580 published papers. Meanwhile, to evaluate the prognostic value of interest CAC protein-encoding gene, dbCAC reprocessed 134 gene expression datasets from GEO (Gene Expression Omnibus) and TCGA (The Cancer Genome Atlas) involving a total of 22985 cancer patients with clinical survival information. dbCAC is the first database that not only provides a user-friendly interface for searching, browsing and analyzing but also allows flexible data downloading and user data submitting.

Creation Date: June. 12, 2021
Updated Date: October. 07, 2021
Number of protein encoding genes: 189
Number of nocoding RNAs: 18
Number of drugs: 220
Number of publications: 518

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